Top 5 ice breaker activities in a class
Ice Breaker Activities: Ice breaker activities are activities that are designed to help students and teachers get to know one another and establish a positive classroom environment at the beginning of a new school year or term. These activities are often used to break the ice and help students feel more comfortable and relaxed in
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Why Communicate Effectively with Children: Effective communication between parents and children is crucial for the healthy development and well-being of children. It helps to build trust, respect, and understanding between parents and children, which in turn creates a positive and supportive environment for children to grow and thrive in. Effective communication can also help to
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Concept-Based Teaching: Concept-based teaching is a teaching approach that focuses on helping students understand and retain key concepts, rather than just memorizing facts or procedures. It emphasizes the underlying principles and ideas that connect seemingly disparate facts and encourages students to think critically about the material. In a concept-based teaching approach, the teacher defines and
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Effective Parenting: Effective parenting involves setting clear expectations, communicating with your children, establishing boundaries, and consistently enforcing rules. It also involves showing love, support, and affection to your children and helping them develop the skills they need to grow into responsible and independent adults. Remember, as parents you don’t have to control everything your kids

Top 14 Styles of Parenting

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What is Parenting: Parenting is the process of raising and caring for a child, including the physical, emotional, social, and intellectual development of the child. It involves providing for the child’s basic needs, such as food, shelter, and clothing, as well as helping the child to grow and learn through various experiences and activities. Parenting
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There are several principles that can guide the training of teachers: 1.Focus on practical skills: Teachers should be trained in practical skills such as lesson planning, classroom management, and effective teaching methods. 2. Use a variety of teaching methods: Training should involve a variety of teaching methods, including lectures, hands-on activities, and online resources, to
عزت، شہرت، دولت کے حصول کیلئے 4 اہم عادات۔ جس شخص میں یہ 4 عادات ہوں وہ کبھی مفلس نہیں رہ سکتا۔
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Parents will discover and learn following 10 Skills in this Training Program…

Team Players and Team Building

  Top 8 Tips for Classroom Behaviour Management 1.  First few days of academic year are most important. Help children to formulate two or three rules for the classroom. If the kids help it’s easier for them to own the rules. Be sure that you’re consistent in keeping the rules so the children know that


Dr Muhammad Anwar Jamal on Role of Imagination.